Thank You:

I will be forever grateful to those who have mentored, taught, encouraged, and believed in me during this process and the creation of Sarenedipity Stones.

 During this journey I have encountered many kind, wise and generous people, who have directly or indirectly contributed to my passion. More people than can be possibly named have helped in making this vision of mine a reality. I would like to especially thank: Trista Campbell, Janice Morrison, Krista Johnson, Joel Engberg, JV Varela, Drew Harper, Julie, Rikpa, Joe Kotker, Judy Powell, Josh Houghton, Dave Scott, Kelly Scott, Peter Gillis, Danny Gillis, Boyd Milliken, and Deanna Silel.

Specifically, I would like to recognize the efforts of those who have been a great influences, incredibly inspiring, and have graciously given of their time to guide, teach, and mentor me. 

To  Cody Strauss, who has been the main person who spent many hours helping me clarify my thoughts and sequence my ideas. Her patience and graceful ways are commendable.  She was a tremendous help in getting myself grounded and organized, in  preparation for this journey I was embarking on. For her compassion to seeing past my walls, the "crazy", and disregarding my doubts in myself, while continually reminding me to recognize the beauty in my vision and believe that it is possible.

To Ellen Leon, for her commitment and drive in taking my vision to the web world in a way so that others could interpret, understand, and navigate through it.  Ellen has a true talent in not only the technology of website production, but also has the ability to see and feel the passion behind the technical piece.

To Sabah, for his efforts in meeting with me and truly listening to my ideas behind Sarenedipity Stones. He is insightfully gifted in seeing the passion behind another's vision; this was apparent in his sincerity of wanting to assist me in making mine a reality. I am humbly grateful to him for the time and patience he spent in teaching me about the technical sides of working with stone. A deeply soulful artist, skilled in stone carving and painting, he has been quite an inspiration to me.

Photos by Susan Robb:

And lastly, to those that have passed and through my healing process and grievance, the creation of Sarenedipity Stones came to be a reality. In loving memory of: Sarene "Mom" Crawford, David "Dad" Scott, Sue Gillis-Crawford, Dr. Stephen Dixon, Hayduke, John Watts, Susan Brown, Ralph "Papa" Crawford, Gretchen Kaunert.