"I felt an instant warmth while wearing the rose quartz pendant that Jenevieve created for me. The amount of time and love she puts into her pieces is apparent. Her intentions are clear, and the piece exudes an energy in a radiant profound way. My pendant is stunningly beautiful, perfectly mounted, and holds the feeling of strength." - Dez 11/2013


“Jenevieve is one of those rare individuals who sees beauty in the everyday places most of us don’t even notice. I am struck by her grace, her quiet patience, and her uncanny ability to find  the most precious pieces from the earth core, often times just by being present.” - Susannah

“I think Jenevieve is amazing, and the work she is doing is truly wonderful. She has experienced so much loss in her life, she really understands the depth and power of grieving and letting go. She brings creativity to the healing process. The stones themselves are so unique, so beautiful, such works of art. But what goes into the craft, the attention she gives to each person, is what makes the experience so special. The ritual inherent in the process makes her work so powerful, so healing. Healing is the intention behind her work. Her's is a craft of truly honoring those we have loved. This process is something that is missing from the world—what Jenevieve offers is truly a gift.” - Cody