To Search

Rock hounding is the collection of rocks, gems and minerals from their natural environment. These treasures of nature, personally hounded, or granted to me, are a part of my journey in life as well as the stones'. A journey of remembrance, gratitude, and healing.

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To Find:

Gemstones, minerals, and rocks emit energies and unseen properties. People are often drawn toward specific stones through an unspoken need for how they make them feel. When rock hounding my focus is on what direction I feel most pulled toward. I pause in that present moment syncing myself with nature and where she leads me. 

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To Modify:

Modification without alteration. After finding a rock, it is cleaned, identified, classified, and labeled. I then explore the fragility and natural fracture lines to determine where it can be cracked and possibly cut. From there, if the rock is cut, it is polished in a four stage process.

More about the modification process on my BLOG.


To Receive:

Once I receive the ashes I determine where to drill the hole based on the fragility of the stone and the choices made by you. I make the hole with an embedded diamond drill bit. In a state of remembrance and gratitude I complete this process in a peaceful manner.

Below is a dedication to my mother. To read more about that click HERE.